marsh5172 2016/05/16 05:24:12 0 0
Hi just downloaded followlike - my antivirus software(kaspersky) says it has the heur.hoax.msil.archsms.gen virusAny thoughts?RegardsColin
mikestar96 2016/11/23 08:51:00 0 0
When will this feature be available? something im really looking fore for the tool?
danstroyer 2016/12/01 11:14:47 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.4.9Hello,The search tasks not executing propertly on Instragam. They are showing no results. It's like it's not finding content on Instagram search. Can you please review this issues and fix it if possible in the next update. Thank you....
quiropraxia1 2016/11/28 16:06:03 0 0
That′s the problem , the idea is like this :Search for posts arround a KW   Limiting to a Local Area  Send Friend requestCan It be Done ?  Thanks in Advance
mymaldives 2016/11/30 22:31:28 0 0
I'd like to know about possibility of launching app not on my standalone PC, but in virtual server. I just dont want to launch it manually. Set up settings and forget about it. How to do it?Thanks!
mymaldives 2016/11/27 08:15:01 0 0
Hi there,I try to understand how to settle the process of following users based on hashtags they used under their posts.For example user "A" has posted photo with hashtag #smile. I want to create task, that include:- search posts with hashtag #smile;- like this post;- post comment under that post;- follow this user;Thank you!
S3ttl3r 2016/11/28 07:30:25 0 0
Hallo there,for example.I'm living in Italy and running the program and my audience is in italy too.Do I need to use an italian proxy or does the tool use my IP address? (An italian one)Thank you
fxaviation 2016/11/24 14:09:55 0 0
I have the one account Pinterest version.  I bought today the one account Google+ and Instagram accounts, how can I add them to the software as well?
wafaebh 2016/10/10 11:28:55 0 0
i have bought this bot yesterday and i saw the tutorial on youtube, but i really dont get it , i only want to follow peoples followers, i dont need to comment or like or anything, i need to dollow people and i cannot do that! please help as soon as possible.thanks
lewisr90 2016/11/25 14:15:18 0 0
Hi, I have a url of a page, everytime they post a new update I want to comment on that post.How can I do that?Thanks
lewisr90 2016/11/25 14:18:27 0 0
Hi,What are your tips on using following like to get page likes?I have plenty of content I want to use it in order to get facebook likes.What are your best suggestions?Lewis
blue77 2016/11/25 06:00:25 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:latestAfter updating to the latest version I have received a Net Framework error message which make the program unusable. I have attached a screenshots of the message and how the program looks like clicking Continue button. Can you please, give me some ideas about this issue and help me to solve the problem. Thank you.
danstroyer 2016/11/27 06:56:22 0 0
I'm using Follow Like for Instagram for a while now. But since the 11/18/16 update I cannot like or follow anybody anymore. All my results are showing up empty. Did something change in the way we should set up the search words module? Or it's a bug? Thank you so much.
dubroc 2016/06/17 08:38:08 0 0
Hi!!!Please which steps I have to follow to search pics by tag, then put likes on those pics and in the end follow users who made those pics??(I really hope that a user's manual will be released, it's  so frustrating)Thank you
Genesisvh 2016/11/22 20:42:08 0 0
I would like to know how can I gather followers using FollowingLike?
thechosen 2016/11/20 17:19:53 0 0
Is it possible to add Xing as another network module in the software? Xing is very similar than linkedin, but more specific for the german speaking area (Germany, Switzerland & Austria). They have more than 4.000.000 users, many of them are online marketers! Since there is no automation software on the market at the moment, you could be the first mover on that market!The functionalities of that module would be very similar than the one from the linkedin...
SmartFem 2016/11/17 14:19:03 0 0
I purchased tweet attack pro 4 and verification code sent is not working.  Please advise.
fxaviation 2016/11/01 10:22:08 0 0
When I try add my account, the software logs in successfully and opens my profile page.  It then fails to scrape my account stats, closing the pop up box, leaving a network error.
Hasbi 2016/11/16 11:33:06 0 0
Hi My requirement is as follows1. Export user Ids from a group of facebook.2. Upload back user Ids to the software.3. User ids should have numbers like  No. 1. ID. 4034903494334304934394. Only 20 user ids should added automatically every dady. And should have time from what time to what user should be added.5. Friend request should NOT be sent again to the same id when...
Hornet25 2016/07/29 07:00:31 0 0
Dear Sirs,Not sure if this is currently possible but I have put it as a suggestion. It would be really helpful if the software could send Direct Messages to anybody that likes a image I post or who comments on a picture I post. My thinking is that I could post an image of a product I am selling and then in the Direct message I could pass on the link to the page on my website.I would be very interested to know if this is possible.Kind regards,...
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