phatjester 2017/06/22 17:03:18 0 0
Hello,I'm loving following like and I'm thinking about to buy an upgrade, but there are some things I can't make work correctly.1. FB join group function: I see in the debug windows that groups are correctly opening, but the "autojoin" don't happen. I'm using the auto add friends and - in that case - in the debug window I see that all works fine.2. Auto accept friends request: like the join group function, I...
chyl 2017/06/21 11:01:56 0 0
Hello..I don't quite understand how to use the limit and time intervals. I want to know if anyone figured out a setting that maximizes productivity while still staying under the radar of the rules and guidelines.Also, for some reason my follow button just will not work. I followed the tutorial and everything but it just keeps failing
iZiVio 2017/06/04 14:03:16 0 0
Can this programextract followers from a pageorextract members from a group...than I can add friends from a page or a group.
winarno 2017/06/19 01:33:24 0 0
Dear sir, I would like to accomplish the following things : 1). follow the follower of a username. Let say the username is JakartaVaporshop. and I want to follow, like and comment the followers of Jakartavaporshop which username contains the word "vape" or "vapor". How do I accomplish this task ?2. Obtain a username's followers whose account names contain "vape" or "vapor" and safe it to a file....
fcgonzalez 2017/06/14 09:59:18 0 0
Hi, I would like to value the technical specifications to work with the software and even as many instances recommend running simultaneously on the same computer. My organization is about to acquire the instagram version.
fxaviation 2017/06/12 04:35:52 0 0
I am searching for pins then repinning them to my board.  The problem I am having is that it keeps repinning duplicate pins, how do I rectify this?
winarno 2017/06/19 08:46:03 0 0
I want to be able to follow someelse user account's followers which contain the word "vape" or "vapor". Is this possible  ?Thanks.Winarno
Laury 2017/06/07 20:55:54 0 0
Hi, How can I set a list for Instagram accounts. I want to set 50 accounts but don't wanna make it one by one
iZiVio 2017/06/08 12:05:57 0 0
How to cancel Friend Requests Sent for FacebookI want to cancel request the person who dont approve me.
digitalshift 2017/06/06 13:36:50 0 0
Hello, FollowingLike Fans!I am looking for a task that can perform the following steps on at least Facebook and Google+. This can be two sperate tasks, but here is the file setup that I want to import:1- create a CSV file with a) social message/post/update, b) an image location - uploaded from my computer or url (1200 x675), and c) a link to the web page - I would like the long URL to be shortened via bit.ly d) the date the post is to be published or...
kannichapa.nuttykp 2017/06/03 13:59:12 0 0
Audreybou 2017/05/30 03:18:45 0 0
Hey,I want to unfollow all my following in my account quickly! I want to know how can i run the task of unfollowing to automatically unfollow faster the most of my following at the same time?!Thank you
marynarvasa 2017/05/20 01:55:52 0 0
Hi. What I want to do is supply the group URL, and then the task manager will find the posts posted in the past week that contains a keyword? What's the task sequence for this?So the sequence should be like:1. Log in2. Go to group3. Filter all posts made in the past week in the group4. From those posts, filter posts containing a keywordI can't do...
djkelabu 2017/05/12 16:29:27 0 0
hi,i want to follow someone follower, but i don't want to follow private userthanks
Sergei 2016/07/16 16:43:59 0 0
Hi,do you have a plan to make possibility for 1. set custom time interval for liking and following and unfollowing for imitate more natural user behavior. for example: program doing like in time from 40 to 50 sec but not through the same time like as 240ms ???2. could you make possibility for GEO or location search photos and users??? Its very important moment for local...
Liquid 2017/05/29 11:45:35 0 0
Hi, I would like to search for followers of a specified account but it seems like the only accounts I can work with are accounts I add in the "Accounts manager" tab which require password.Please help!
samuelamancio 2016/09/06 22:09:57 0 0
I made a script for following users and it's working perfect when the profiles are public but I'm getting 100% failure when the profiles aren't public. Is there a way to fix this ?
Audreybou 2017/05/25 23:39:13 0 0
Hey, I just bought a licence for the software following like instagram. I saw the video to import the instagram account into the software but i dont know how to extract the data of my instagram account!How can i import my instagram data into CSV OR TEXT? I dont have the option for the proxy though,Please help me! Thank you
thechosen 2017/05/12 11:38:29 1 0
Please add a shedule function to the tool like: Repeat task every 24 hours.At the moment you can only chose:RuntimesLoop RunRun on shedule time (but the task will only run ONCE)Its very annoying to start the tasks every day manually.Thanks
magutleb 2017/05/23 08:13:32 0 0
I want to post something on a page but not with my privat account, but rather with a page I am admin of. Is that possible?greetings
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