lewisr90 2017/08/09 18:23:01 0 0
Is it possible to send private messages to members in a group?
nrhodes34 2017/08/12 13:23:47 0 0
I want to be able to go through 7 different hashtags, follow 1 profile, like 3 of there photos, leave 1 comment on 1 photo, then switch to my next hashtag and repeat the same previous process. Is this possible? I came up with a task but it's not at what I think it could be yet. Please help!!!!
MartimOnFire 2017/08/16 06:28:34 0 0
Hi guys,This is the first time I'm using this software, I was watching the video (Tutorial) but I keep getting the Status "Network Error", I deleted and added the account again. I don't know what to do.Could please someone help me with this?...
mgmst 2017/08/10 18:42:25 0 0
Hi!I need a demo version of Followinglike
mgmst 2017/08/11 04:19:44 0 0
I purchased the thing but there is problms:I need FB Groups Email extractor - there is no such!FB members extract works only once! If I try second extract it doesn't works!Why so?
shloobydoo 2017/01/26 09:04:34 0 0
still trying to figure out how to set up the order of the commands correctly to do pretty much anything. Yall have a ton of questions and suggestions, please start putting out videos. My question is how would i target an accounts followers, search them, then their followers, and then like their photos? It would also be cool to be able to run more than one program at a time. it seems to bog down with too many tasks going. 
suez 2017/08/05 20:33:14 0 0
 when run task , after the message been written  , the task closed without sending the message !!!! its happening every time 
MrKetogenic 2017/07/31 17:39:38 0 0
I've tried everything.I've burned through 50 FB accounts from 5 different account provides over the course of a month trying to find accounts strong enough to prevent Facebook from asking security questions or blocking accounts within first use.I've tried: New Phone Verified Accounts, Aged PV (2015-2016), US-Only accounts, Foreign Accounts. All of them blocked within immediate use (or after a first or second run of liking posts). Most times, I can't even get FollowerLike to successfully acknowle...
marcob 2017/03/04 09:02:00 0 0
Hello, I am trying to send FB msg to a list of users that I save in a txt file, but I am getting this error message requesting the captcha, after the programs types in the msg.Can  u please help me/editor/attached/file/20170304/20170304090154_4449.zip...
applebubee 2017/08/07 14:59:22 0 0
How i get a lot of facebook account for follow my real account ?and idea ?
adelwordl 2017/08/05 01:20:20 0 0
Hi, I'm buying a package, but I have a doubt about the $ 7 packages. After 3 days, can you stop paying if you're not satisfied? Or do I have to pay the whole year?
Laury 2017/07/30 06:02:25 0 0
Hi, I'm trying to pin images from my website url, but on the Debug windows only gets into the link I set and do nothing else, so when it finish the time it close the Debug and set as a failure. Can you please Explain how to do it...
splan 2017/07/28 08:04:33 0 0
I am creating a module to search Instagram. I selected the account but when I click on the search field, I am not able to type into it.
Laury 2017/07/28 06:11:22 0 0
Hi. while making update it shows me this error. Please need a solution quickly... 
suez 2017/07/28 06:03:06 0 0
thechosen 2017/07/27 22:30:01 0 0
Software is crashing on start after latest update
fcgonzalez 2017/07/24 22:58:18 0 0
We have received the error message from the attached image several times while running the application, and every time it happens, we must stop the program and restart the accounts again, please help us to solve the case as soon as possible. We indicate the characteristics of our VPS:S.O: Windows Server 2012 R2RAM: 12 GBVcore: 2 2.39 GHzHDD: 50 GB...
thechosen 2017/07/25 01:03:20 0 0
I`m not able to safe the search results from the linkedin people search! After the search, the txt file is empty! On time it worked, 10 times it doesn`tPlease see this video: https://youtu.be/3dzQSvjvN3s
suez 2017/07/24 23:57:26 0 0
first , thank you supporters for fixing all the problems that we noticed while using the software its  being better every day ;) please help with this little problem   : i am using 14 account to like post , but it stops after 5 accounts what should i do ?by the way i am using a simple task ( Account - url - like post)  
thechosen 2017/07/25 01:06:48 0 0
Please add German as option into the profile language settings box at the advances linkedin search!Thanks...
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