blue77 2016/11/25 06:00:25 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:latestAfter updating to the latest version I have received a Net Framework error message which make the program unusable. I have attached a screenshots of the message and how the program looks like clicking Continue button. Can you please, give me some ideas about this issue and help me to solve the problem. Thank you.
danstroyer 2016/11/27 06:56:22 0 0
I'm using Follow Like for Instagram for a while now. But since the 11/18/16 update I cannot like or follow anybody anymore. All my results are showing up empty. Did something change in the way we should set up the search words module? Or it's a bug? Thank you so much.
dubroc 2016/06/17 08:38:08 0 0
Hi!!!Please which steps I have to follow to search pics by tag, then put likes on those pics and in the end follow users who made those pics??(I really hope that a user's manual will be released, it's  so frustrating)Thank you
Genesisvh 2016/11/22 20:42:08 0 0
I would like to know how can I gather followers using FollowingLike?
thechosen 2016/11/20 17:19:53 0 0
Is it possible to add Xing as another network module in the software? Xing is very similar than linkedin, but more specific for the german speaking area (Germany, Switzerland & Austria). They have more than 4.000.000 users, many of them are online marketers! Since there is no automation software on the market at the moment, you could be the first mover on that market!The functionalities of that module would be very similar than the one from the linkedin...
SmartFem 2016/11/17 14:19:03 0 0
I purchased tweet attack pro 4 and verification code sent is not working.  Please advise.
fxaviation 2016/11/01 10:22:08 0 0
When I try add my account, the software logs in successfully and opens my profile page.  It then fails to scrape my account stats, closing the pop up box, leaving a network error.
Hasbi 2016/11/16 11:33:06 0 0
Hi My requirement is as follows1. Export user Ids from a group of facebook.2. Upload back user Ids to the software.3. User ids should have numbers like  No. 1. ID. 4034903494334304934394. Only 20 user ids should added automatically every dady. And should have time from what time to what user should be added.5. Friend request should NOT be sent again to the same id when...
Hornet25 2016/07/29 07:00:31 0 0
Dear Sirs,Not sure if this is currently possible but I have put it as a suggestion. It would be really helpful if the software could send Direct Messages to anybody that likes a image I post or who comments on a picture I post. My thinking is that I could post an image of a product I am selling and then in the Direct message I could pass on the link to the page on my website.I would be very interested to know if this is possible.Kind regards,...
fxaviation 2016/11/09 12:27:33 0 0
The Halloween offers were good, it would be nice to have some Black Friday offers on 25th November and Cyber Monday offers on 28th NovemberThanks
dubroc 2016/06/14 13:24:43 0 0
Hello!can someone explain me in details the steps to follow  to set task as stated in the subject? Please.Thank you. 
eheyl 2016/11/02 12:17:29 0 0
Nice try guys. 4 mnutes ago I received an email from you guys with two Halloween coupons, one for 70% the other for 50% off. Neither work. Glitch?
seoinspects 2016/10/28 11:14:59 0 0
Can you help me to run this face book fan page like program step by step?
amtopm 2016/11/02 08:04:27 0 0
I'm unable to search for keywords. I cannot enter text because the "Search Keyword" box is a dropdown box, instead of an input box.
oungov 2016/10/20 10:44:38 0 0
Hello,I'm trying to put space in keywords, like the names of some gmail accounts,but the search people task fail when i put spaces,Is there a way to put space in keywords ?Thx for your answer,Regards
SteveJ 2016/10/21 10:25:13 0 0
Hi, In the "search pages" module I have "Don't get duplicate data" check marked. I am running the "like pages" module. I have duplicate pages being searched that are already liked. How do I stop that action?
pcagli 2016/10/20 13:51:01 0 0
Hi thereI watched all the videos, and still don't get it.I want to automatically follow/unfollow users that are following "X" account."X" account has millions of followers.Please help me.Thanks
robineyre 2016/09/28 10:29:02 0 0
Hi,Is it possible to manage a business page through Following Like for Facebook, or only a personal page / profile? I have a business page I'd like to promote.Thanks.Robin
goldenleap 2016/10/04 13:34:10 0 0
Please allow an easier way to follow people on LinkedIn.  Think about it, you have to specifically type the name of a person's to scrape and follow on LinkedIn.  For example, if I type "Kelly Smith", then LinkedIn would search for anyone by that name, or else search would yield no results if no such name exisits.  The whole point to Follow people is to scrape people you do not know to build a network.Instead, may I suggest following people...
blue77 2016/10/06 09:22:32 0 0
Operating System:Windows 8Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:FollowingLike Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest Unlimited VersionHello,I have tested the Ultimate version and test it for a few days and found some tasks not executing propertly.These are:Facebook module:Search Posts - I have tried with a lot of keywords but still not working. Every...
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