samlupson 2017/01/24 15:46:17 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:1.6.0I am running a simple task to search and Join groups.  All runs fine until it gets to Join groups then it crashes.The process order is AccountTextSearch GroupsJoin Groups
shloobydoo 2017/01/26 09:04:34 0 0
still trying to figure out how to set up the order of the commands correctly to do pretty much anything. Yall have a ton of questions and suggestions, please start putting out videos. My question is how would i target an accounts followers, search them, then their followers, and then like their photos? It would also be cool to be able to run more than one program at a time. it seems to bog down with too many tasks going. 
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/24 12:32:14 0 0
i think if you put a standard tasks and put it in a quick update it will be better i mean , when i open the program in the first time i see standard tasks i can copy it and edit it these standard tasks is : 1- adding friends to group2- sending messages to friends3- sending messages to group members4- sending comments on specifec keywords..... and so on for all features which...
troymcc 2017/01/24 20:34:39 0 0
Hey folks, I can post a photo and text just fine with FollowLike. So I have the basics down. I'm just having trouble posting a URL to Facebook. Here is my link: http://www.moneyformarketing.com/?siteCode=igv0 Here are my settings. What am I missing? Thanks!
TWITTWOO 2017/01/23 10:21:17 0 0
When I run FollowingLike software on my computer, it does not load.  I see the text "Loading program, please wait". Then it disappears and nothing happens.
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/23 08:25:30 0 0
the problem i this in search friends module too , the same as the problem in the add friends to group.the problem not in the text as support replied before , it stop at search friends modulecheck it please...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/23 08:11:35 0 0
the problem i think is in search friends module . i tested it many times , it does not work...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/22 09:01:11 0 0
when we use proxy we find error network like the picutres showes...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/22 06:39:41 0 0
1- this program is not ready to be sold , it is not tried enough , no explaining videos to explain how it is work , no complete features that u said it is included in the program done yet , like add friends to group , this feature is included in program features but i spent a full day on it to check until u replied and said this feature is not ready yet ... 2- the support is soooooo bad , no support at all , u start to chat and no reply . chat with...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/21 10:16:53 1 0
i try to add firends to my group , i cant i try to send messages to my friends , i canti want to confirm my firend requests , i cant what is the hell shett this program can do
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/22 07:13:36 0 0
u dont answer in this online chattttwe cant loose more time in this program againif u cant answer our questions , give our money back
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/22 08:37:45 0 0
the pictures shows how i am suffering in this system , i did every step u showed to us in the other member question about sending messages to your friends . and still gives me errors 4 times running failedplease somone tell us what we do in this problemsand please reply to us asap...
beerpreet345 2017/01/21 02:46:14 0 0
fxaviation 2017/01/13 16:37:32 0 0
I am trying to unfollow users who are not following me back but I get an error.  I have included a screenshot....
ccca74 2017/01/09 15:35:44 0 0
Hi,How to ad a task (in instagram) that will only unfollow the people who are not following me? I search on the forum and try some things out, but everything failed in the task.Hope to see some screenshots how to do this.Have a nice day
virak2016@gmail.com 2017/01/08 12:29:29 0 0
Good evening,I just...
sgmgi 2017/01/05 09:40:26 0 0
I have tried to write one for myself but it wont seem to work. I need to write a program that follows certain users who post pictures wuth certian hashtags, and then unfollow them later on regardless weather they follow me on not. Help?
sgmgi 2017/01/04 15:00:01 0 0
So I create an account, I click add and type in the unsername and password, but not proxy because i dont know what that is? and then I select that account and click run, but it wont log in it stays stuck on checking account?
sgmgi 2017/01/04 15:12:18 0 0
So i want my instagram account to like certain photos with hashtages, such as #squat or #workout. How can i achieve this? thanks.
beach40 2016/12/29 14:41:40 0 0
HelloI have a company Page on LinkedIn.  I would like to automate a process that SHARES these posts to my Personal LinkedIn page.  I cannot find a video for this..  I am confused.Here is what I did so far...1.  I created a LinkedIn account in FollowingLike v1.5.52.  I created a URL task for the company page on LinkedIn that contains posts that I would like to share.  3.  I added an...
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