goldenleap 2016/09/20 16:38:05 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.3.0When I manually post the RSS link and title/link to Facebook, the Photo does appear, however, when the bot does this function, it doesn't appear.  I simply copied and pasted the same output link which the bot produced, but i pasted manually to my timeline feed, and photo shows.  Please try to mimick a copy paste function for RSS feeds to our timeline walls, that way photo should appear.  See below as photo m...
goldenleap 2016/09/20 23:16:37 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.3.0LinkedIn Follow Persons, and Following Companies, always yield error when performing Follow Functions.  Please rectify.Thanks
goldenleap 2016/09/20 15:55:58 0 0
For Facebook on FollowingLike, the RSS feed does great job of posting the Text to the Wall, it would be great if an image could populate from it automatically, just like how it is done on Twitter using TAP4.0.  The photo is always null.  Anyway you can encode the RSS feed to also show the Photo Node??  That would really help engage readers to my posts....
goldenleap 2016/09/20 16:25:42 0 0
For RSS across all programs (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), please have an Import Button to allow the URL data to be fethced from a text document.  I have many URLs saved, and it would be best, instead of copying and pasting one by one in RSS Module.  The rest of the data (<RSSTitle/><RSSLink/>) I could input that myself one-by-one in RSS module.Please allow for Photos of Article to somehow display by using RSS feeds, and posting...
goldenleap 2016/09/19 17:28:20 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.2.8Please access file below for error I get, which doesn't allow me to use program.  Please let me know how to resolve thisError in Loading Program - FollowingLike
thechosen 2016/09/14 04:31:05 0 0
The linkedin function is pretty useless at the moment because:1) Its not possible to CONNECT to other people (atm its only possible to follow them, but connecting to people is the most important thing on linkedin)2) Its not possible to CONFRIM other peoples SKILLS (this is important as well, because more confirmes skills will bring you more reputation)Please add this function asap....
goldenleap 2016/09/13 07:27:20 0 0
Please see below, my conversation from Support at FollowLiker  (www.followliker.com)From their website:  ...
thechosen 2016/09/12 09:16:29 0 0
Can you please implement an option to confirm all incomming friend requests?Thanks you
goldenleap 2016/09/11 23:35:45 0 0
Is there a way to get photo URLs of Users not following me on "FollowingLike"?  I saved data for users not following me for Instagram, however I want to somehow filter or search users for their photo IDs.  The reason is because the advantage of this is very crucial.  If I could "Like" or Leave comment on photos for those not following me yet, it may sway them to eventually check out my profile, and accept my following, and follow me back.  Please let me know.  There is a...
goldenleap 2016/09/09 12:04:48 0 0
For Instagram:1)   There should be a way to send a direct message (DM) to people following me by having a DM module with a Content field.2)  There should be a built-in scraper to gather either pictures, or users, and data could be saved to .txt / .csv3)  Also there should parameters to set to follow people with conditions (Filter) if they have fewer than "x" followings, or those who have...
goldenleap 2016/09/09 16:52:24 0 0
Ability to Follow users Followers or Followings on Instagram.Save
samuelamancio 2016/09/06 22:09:57 0 0
I made a script for following users and it's working perfect when the profiles are public but I'm getting 100% failure when the profiles aren't public. Is there a way to fix this ?
largold 2016/08/20 03:08:00 2 0
Hi!Can't authorizate in not one of social sites. http://prntscr.com/c84iloTry different accounts (with proxy and without) but have no result. When log in manualy, all is ok.Windows 8 x64 amdx4Please help to solve problem, or make refund my skype: clickdorado
goldenleap 2016/09/03 21:41:24 0 0
I have saved all account URLS of the people I follow.  Now, is there a way to like their photos using FollowingLike, or even comment their photos?  Remember that the URLs saved (.txt) are simply their user names location, such as :  "https://www.instagram.com/buy.home.based"  but liking photos is the URL of the photo itself.  Please help me know if there is a way to like a photo of those users which I follow, because I am hoping to convert them to follow me back....
barrageguides 2016/09/01 11:24:56 0 0
Hello, i have a perfectly setup instagram script. I followed the tutorial and got a fairly good script going. However, it seems to be only about 17% of my follows are successful. I watch the bot open, and doesnt follow the people it searches, and closes.The likes work absolutely flawlessly. I was just curious if there was a known fix, and/or is this a known issue? 
mahmoud 2016/08/31 05:41:13 0 0
i have Questioncan i search using facebook search graph in "FOLLOWINGLIKE" ?...
mahmoud 2016/08/31 03:05:54 0 0
can i suggest new option or function ...
emre 2016/08/28 11:27:19 0 0
I cant login with my account with or without proxies ... If u cant fix that, i want my money back!!
goldenleap 2016/08/23 15:03:08 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.2.5Please see below, even with successful results from software in task menu, i double checked to see if the photos were being liked, and from my phone, or desktop, when viewing the photos, my name was not showing, and the "Heart" should be in solid red color, but it is not....
goldenleap 2016/08/23 15:10:15 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.2.5
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