ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/15 14:34:31 0 0
when i press OK the window does not close and gives me that no account ... although i checked it ...
nazuhl 2017/02/05 23:25:59 0 0
Hello, I'm not sure how to diagnose why it is not checking accounts.I cannot add tasks without the accounts being checkedUsing Username: e-mail addressPW: My passwordProxy: IP:PortI don't know what else to do to fix it.
nazuhl 2017/02/13 22:45:36 0 0
Hello I am wondering if following like for pinterest can post to a group board? I see other people using software to do it.
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 20:49:20 0 0
now , if i try to make multiple orders for one account to move all the day step by step like human .i think if i made for example module of add friends to group1- first i will search friends ( Search A )2- add friends to group (run 10 times) .. (take from search A)..after many tasks .....10- add friends to groups (take from search A)this will...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 20:54:25 0 0
i want while program wors there is a check box makes anyone send me a message on chat reply to them by message A , and if he replied by any message or any words i reply by message B , and if he replied by any thing for third time , i reply him by message C
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/13 18:49:14 0 0
when i add my friends to my groups , and when my friend is already a member it freeze on this screen and never press close ore move .... just freeze...
Giorgio23 2017/02/09 19:39:54 0 0
Hey,how can i post an event to all my friends there page?
aguillen82 2017/02/12 14:50:57 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:16.3Every time i try to run it it crushes. Here the message ...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/10 18:13:12 0 0
When i used proxy , Facebook blocked the account and said ( it seems u r login from unusual place), this means that every time the program change proxy it will block the account . so changing proxies is not the solution now to use multiple accounts.What can we do ???and i paid for unlimited account management , it is not working . what is the solution ??
marcob 2017/02/06 17:39:36 0 0
Hello, after using followinglike to export a list of FB accounts liking a page, how can I load this list of accounts into following like to send to these accounts a prv message and/or post on their walls a msg?Thanks!
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/09 18:29:35 0 0
please send me photos or videos explaining how i use these functions1- RSS2- filter3-spin4-and i need to collect only groups with friendly URLs . how can i get it ?? but not with searching groups then choosing friendly urls from them.5- i need to select to join groups with specific number of members like over 5000 friends . 6- i want to like posts that has more than 100 k comment or...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/09 18:08:56 0 0
i want to add list of friends to list of groups , how can i do it ??
Genesisvh 2017/01/12 10:49:46 0 0
I'm using FollowingLike 1.5.7 and it keeps failing to load. I'm running Windows 8 Please help!
thechosen 2017/02/07 10:53:02 0 0
Hi, today linkedin has changed its site layout and most of the functions of the linkedin module doesn`t work anymore! Can you please fix that!ThanksTC
marcob 2017/01/22 00:57:58 0 0
Operating System:Windows 8Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.5.8Export users from FB accounts using  FollowingLike, NOT working
ngstranky 2017/02/01 15:31:53 0 0
Hi,i have problem with use following like - like on instagram photos.I have set up:1. accout2. text3. Search photos4. Likeafter run, i have error with module no 3. - Could not find part of a path C:/../BotChiefDll/DBFile/somecharshash.db3any ideas? Thanks    
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/05 18:13:57 0 0
any thing i try from two weeks it fail 
RolyPoly999* 2017/01/31 02:54:44 2 0
HiI have never used this bot, now when I try to use it I get "BotSocial has stopped working" as it tries to open.
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/02/05 12:18:51 0 0
this feature add members to group does not work yet i have waited more than two weeks until nowfrom two days support login to my pc and we found programmer errorwhen will it done . i got bored...
ahmed aboeldahab 2017/01/27 20:04:33 0 0
dear sir i am waiting more than 2 days until now to the programmer fixing the program in module of searching friends . when will it be fix ????i am trying to chat with u in skype but it is all the time offline
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