RelyGuy 2017/07/21 12:54:18 0 0
Love FollowLike:Enough so that I purchased linkedin to go with my facebook version. Not sure what I need to do now to upgrade the software to include my new purchase. Probably obvious, but I could use a hand.Thanks, Scott
justanothermarketer 2017/07/19 21:21:33 0 0
Hello, all my questions are about Instagram.1-Intervall: i searched before to post something about intervall time for instagram likes.I would like to see if i m correctly using this option but i do not understand how.I used 15-27 Intervall time for like.In this Task i see it "liked" 8 times but when i click for detailed informations it only gives me the "240 ms timeouts". Is there a way to verify that all is working as it should?I m sorry for the "noob" question i m new about bots.  &n...
mentaloxide 2017/07/21 07:04:36 0 0
Hi all and thanks in advance for any help. I'm trying to automate connection requests to 2nd, 3rd level people in my network. I've created the account and the URL I want to use as the search (correct me if I'm wrong about this), however, I can't figure out how to create the message. I would also like to have the message to have the users first name in the greeting. e.g. Hi [name], saw your profile and thought we should...
suez 2017/07/16 14:52:58 0 0
hello friends , can i send messages using following like , but they are not my friends on facebook ? something else , can i send message to many people ( not only one ) in same task ? and finally , i tired to send message to friend account , and the task opened and the message has been wrote on task view , but when i went to check if the message sent , nothing showed up . the message didn't send .  thank...
Laury 2017/07/19 03:58:01 0 0
Hi, I'm Making this actions to follow some users from my Pinterest accounts, but it doen't work...
boraichoo 2017/07/19 05:01:54 0 0
what is this error? Please help cant connect my instagram account ...
seo 2017/07/15 05:06:51 1 0
Hello There,Firstly, loving "Following Like". You guys have done a great job :).I'm having trouble understanding how the Limit section works. For example, under "Like Post" what do the various sections like "Time and Max running times" and "Interval time(s)" do and can you provide an example of how they are used? Thank you so much for your time!
rzgoes 2017/07/14 23:10:59 1 0
Hi,I would like to know if i can replicate this logic in FollowingLike:1 - The users insert the instagram Login and Password;...
fcgonzalez 2017/07/12 11:31:56 0 0
We have purchased the Following solution for unlimited accounts, and have noticed that some accounts in Pinterest are in "Network error Accounts" status. After the update released today, thanks to the Open button we have confirmed that the same if logged in. My question is this: how can we solve this status? Is there a way to filter the accounts for a status of connected or not connected? How can we work with accounts even though they are in the "Network error Accounts" status?
the one 2017/07/11 07:36:55 0 0
please help It is not working, I keep geting "Network Error" in status
ron2745 2017/07/13 06:09:49 0 0
Hello,I want to download and save all the posts (and comments) in a closed and secret facebook group.I'm a member, but not admin. do I have to be admin to do it with this facebook tool? or I can do it as a member?...
miguelonceo 2017/03/31 05:53:16 0 0
Hello I added my Instagram account but when I try to check the account status it shows "Network Error" 
seo 2017/07/10 23:49:07 1 0
Hey There,Is there a way to upvote Reddit posts with Following Like? If not, can that be added as a feature soon? I'd love to have that option.
seo 2017/07/08 05:44:39 0 0
Hey There,I just bought Following Like (actually, I own a lot of your applications ...
Qemal 2017/07/11 19:48:26 0 0
Hey for first nice work :)Ist it possible to follow only the persons who dont follow others more than 100 ? If we can set this setting it will help us to improve the quality for gaining accounts.Thx for your awesome work! 
Followmonkey 2017/07/10 23:51:46 1 0
Hi, I'm trying to figure it out how to establish this action, could you please help me? Follow a user's followers and like on...
ashleydmiami 2017/07/03 05:42:18 0 0
Hello there. I am trying to download the software but I keep getting the below error message. Can someone help?“whitehatboxsetup (2).exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X.
ivanak 2017/07/08 09:22:14 0 0
Is it possible to buy phone numbers for Facebook on your website? I didn't find phone numbers specifically for Facebook..
Laury 2017/07/07 12:02:05 0 0
Hi, I want to know why isn't possible to post on some social networks such as Pinterest o Reddit. I've been trying to set the post task but when I click on Post nothing's happen. Please, make it work!!!
suez 2017/07/06 15:59:26 0 0
hello Friends , there is a big problem while using following like facebook version when iam trying to run task like " Like Posts , or comment " facebook Banned most of accounts because>of " weird Activities " as they said how to solve that ? :( Thank You   
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