petsjami 2017/09/23 23:36:06 0 0
Dear community,I just bought the Instagram bot software, so I'm pretty much of a newbie :D.I was wondering how I could make the software follow all my accounts the followers of a target account.Thanks for your help ! :)
edwardtoys2 2017/09/10 13:41:59 0 0
I want to use this software  but the people I already follow, I dont want  the followlike to unfollow my following. I want to use followlike to follow people then to unfollow the people i Follow. I dont want it to unfollow all the people I've been following on instagram before the use of this software .
lfbraga 2017/09/11 16:57:41 0 0
Hi, how can i tag my friends in a post ? Without get facebook jail ?
didi101 2017/08/15 17:57:39 0 0
When I start a campaign with with 100 on the page shows with google analytics no trafficWhat's the mistakeIf I import proxies does not run the...
lewisr90 2017/09/05 21:05:04 0 0
Hi,I have been adding new friends so I can add them into my group.I want the program to search for my newest added friends and then add them into a group.However the adding into a group module doesnt have an option to add friends from a URL or from saved recently added friends results. It only adds friends by account and not URL.Can you update this so It can add friends from a URL or from...
receptra 2017/09/18 06:48:47 0 0
Hello,I noticed that in the new update, we are able to perform functions as a Facebook Business page. Can you explain how we can like, comment, follow, share content FROM BUSINESS ACCOUNT? I do not want to perform these functions from my personal account.I see this article:.http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=5265&searchText=businessBut when I click it, I am not able to see the information.Looking forward to your advice....
iribarrenjg 2017/09/16 06:42:58 0 0
Yesterday I made a post because the the search followers module Didn't work... today the follow module don't work, what is happening? I just bought this software I really need to work. The module is giving the same error as yesterday, it's just blank and when I click ok it gives me an error... please fix it as soon as you can.    
iribarrenjg 2017/09/15 07:26:08 1 0
When I try to create the module it just stays blank... and when I press ok it gives me an error... I bought this software just to follow other instagram users followers... I already added the official whitehatbox skype but still waiting for them to accept me... here some screenshots....
odong444@naver.com 2017/09/14 09:38:49 0 0
do cancel friend  request , running failed .. help me
homenhealth 2017/09/12 13:42:40 0 0
I can only find info on how to post to ALL of my groups. I want to post to just some of my groups, say for example 30 of them. They are not groups with the same people in them, or name or anything.So how do i choose which groups to post to, seems like a simple thing that all of my old programs could do but can not find out how to in this program.
Marcocacuthopup 2017/09/07 21:34:09 0 0
I'm trying to copy every post from a fb page and share them on my page. But it fails when I try to search for every post of the page: https://i.imgur.com/uXSgfyN.pngThis is how I set up everything: https://i.imgur.com/1fUBzdj.png
suez 2017/09/08 23:59:04 0 0
hello , can you tell me how to like multiple facebook posts on the same time , but please tell me exactly how and thank you very much 
Dismy Pos 2017/09/09 14:37:07 0 0
If I want to upgrade my account (I currently have the Facebook one account version) to unlimited accounts, do I have to pay the full $169 or do I get discount since I already have an account?
martinadresse 2017/09/06 02:55:23 0 0
Hello.I tried it as described there: http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=46631. Add Account2. URL3. Export users from group4. Add friendsI also tried in another way:1. Add Account2. search group3. add friendsBoth failed.Can you please give me advice?
jblanco2 2017/09/05 07:50:14 0 0
How do I use Following Like to export a Facebook Group Member list to a csv or excel file?
hotnews24h 2017/09/07 16:08:22 0 0
How to create "Keyword Search"Looking forward to further guidance. Thanks...
hollowman678 2017/09/06 01:00:26 0 0
Does the Instagram Following Like software allow you to search multiple hashtags in one search? for example: can i search #mountainbike #europe and i will get search results of mountain bikes in europe?
Dismy Pos 2017/09/05 22:48:37 0 0
Would the programme continue to run if I switch my computer off, or should the computer stay switched on the whole time?
Dismy Pos 2017/09/04 01:32:25 0 0
I managed to set up posting to groups using a URL. I have set up 3 groups, however my post gets repeated on the first group only and not to the other groups. If I delete the first group in the URL, then it gets posted to the second group only, but not to the remaining one. What setting do I have wrong? Thanks,
lfbraga 2017/09/02 20:19:19 0 0
HelloI see in others facebook tool an option to extract emails from friendsIs there a module for that ?Thanks
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