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activedragon 2016/05/06 13:04:27 0 0
For Pinterest, I've noticed that there is no filter module. So if I want to unfollow only those "following" of mine that has not followed me back for the last 5 days, how can I do that?Secondly, how can I follow the followers of a board instead of following just the board itself?
TWITTWOO 2016/05/05 07:24:04 1 0
It is not allowing me to add my account for facebook. I have done it exactly like on your video. It is not working...Can you help? 
dynamo 2016/05/05 08:30:26 1 0
HiI just sent John a mail, but will post here as forum seems active.Ok, so I bought full unlimited version, added a working Pinterest account..Hit ""start" to check it...Nothing..  account row doesn't go yellow or green as in video.. just stays blue and stops process. No browser windows open to show logging in etc..Also, tried going...
digitalshift 2016/05/04 11:12:36 0 0
Please help!I bought the full version last night and the software doesn't seem to be working. I am full admin and have tried running as admin and in compatibility mode. Also tried changing application permissions under security properties. ...
superdv 2016/05/04 14:56:12 0 0
bought the full version, its downloading, installing, and that's all/ Doesn't start. Re-installed, re-booted coouple times, no chance...What to do , Guys???? how to resolve this hemorrhoids?
dynamo 2016/05/05 06:48:00 0 0
Hi. I want to use my own proxies, I triedIP:user:passThis format is saying incorrect... what format please when setting up account in Pinterest.
JayFacesOut 2016/05/04 11:42:22 0 0
How do we add an account on Instagram version? It's asking for a proxy or txt file, can't we just sign in like on Tweetattacks? I've watched the video and it says there are 2 ways to sign in to our Instagram accounts, either type in manually using a proxy or use a csv or txt file.Why can't we just add an account without having to use a proxy?I was about to purchase this but the Programme is not even straightfoward....
robert 2016/04/09 11:05:03 0 0
Can you use the system bots in the free version?  I have not figured out how to get them to work. 
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