brandoncook 2016/12/30 12:52:04 0 0
I am running a facebook friend module and it keeps friending people in other countries. Can I set it to English speaking countries or specify the exact country to friend people?
ron 2017/04/10 22:14:54 0 0
Hello i have buy the vertion whith 5 acompte i whant change il unlimited acompte c an i have  reduc ?thx
junaidsuleman 2017/04/04 06:16:39 0 0
Hi,What is the maximum number of results a search group returns? when I am running it, I only get a maximum of 40, if I make the number 41 or above in the search amount it fails. Please advise.Thanks
tainy 2017/04/03 23:27:47 0 0
i bought     a paid version today but i cant log inthis message invalid serial number??
muntaha1858 2017/04/07 06:46:09 0 0
hi i want to get fb likes my settings are:accountsearch peopleurllike pagesleepsearch peoplelike postbut still my campaign stops at like page and like postit always says that successfully executed 0 times i dont know what to do please help me
mrh 2017/04/06 20:42:45 0 0
Hi,I only purchased this morning, and am struggling to get started.I add my facebook account details and password - then press "Start" to check the account.After a few seconds the status changes to "Network Error".Please can someone advise how I can resolve this?ThanksMatthew
robineyre 2016/09/28 10:29:02 0 0
Hi,Is it possible to manage a business page through Following Like for Facebook, or only a personal page / profile? I have a business page I'd like to promote.Thanks.Robin
WalterWhite 2017/04/04 18:33:00 0 0
Can you please let me know how to whitelist accounts on Instagram?
junaidsuleman 2017/04/04 23:18:42 0 0
Hi,Please advise how do I setup the modules to send a message to new friends that have been added only.ThanksJunaid
saikoramen 2017/03/27 20:18:27 0 0
Hello All,I am really interested in your product. Is the autosharing of post to different facebook groups unction already available in your software? Looking forward to your...
tainy 2017/04/03 23:25:43 0 0
I bought a paid version today but can not login because of my ??...
Andy11 2017/04/02 19:27:02 0 0
Hey, how can I set a limit for maximum following per day? I don't want to get ban by Instagram and I've heard following 1000 users a day is the maximum. Thanks.
Genesisvh 2017/03/26 12:25:23 0 0
I keep getting a network error and cannot login. Please help!
miguelonceo 2017/03/31 05:53:16 0 0
Hello I added my Instagram account but when I try to check the account status it shows "Network Error" 
catchonnow 2017/03/29 00:39:12 0 0
I met stop working problem many time, like this picture. Show me how to solve this problem
nazuhl 2017/02/24 17:56:07 0 0
Hello, this function fails automatically....
DarkLordLT 2017/02/04 11:43:28 0 0
Hello. I need your help. can you please guide me how to:Share a post from a facebook page to all the facebok groups which I have joined?
mostkmd@yahoo.com 2017/03/26 10:42:07 0 0
and how can i share a post to multiple groups at once on face book?how can i join multiple groups at once on facebook and if there is any tool for that will this put my account under risk?
xxbaryxx@gmail.com 2017/03/24 02:03:04 0 0
how i can serch posts and like and comments to all the resultswhen itry to do this it just stop after the first post 
xxbaryxx@gmail.com 2017/03/24 21:03:14 0 0
hey, like 20 posts its took more than 15 mineach module work separately iwant in the same post that its make like add comment and just after all the like module finish its start to comment can i mix the action to make its more effectivehow i make it faster the debug window is very slow
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