fxaviation 2017/01/13 16:37:32 0 0
I am trying to unfollow users who are not following me back but I get an error.  I have included a screenshot....
Genesisvh 2017/01/12 10:49:46 0 0
I'm using FollowingLike 1.5.7 and it keeps failing to load. I'm running Windows 8 Please help!
ccca74 2017/01/09 15:35:44 0 0
Hi,How to ad a task (in instagram) that will only unfollow the people who are not following me? I search on the forum and try some things out, but everything failed in the task.Hope to see some screenshots how to do this.Have a nice day
virak2016@gmail.com 2017/01/08 12:29:29 0 0
Good evening,I just...
sgmgi 2017/01/05 09:40:26 0 0
I have tried to write one for myself but it wont seem to work. I need to write a program that follows certain users who post pictures wuth certian hashtags, and then unfollow them later on regardless weather they follow me on not. Help?
sgmgi 2017/01/04 15:00:01 0 0
So I create an account, I click add and type in the unsername and password, but not proxy because i dont know what that is? and then I select that account and click run, but it wont log in it stays stuck on checking account?
sgmgi 2017/01/04 15:12:18 0 0
So i want my instagram account to like certain photos with hashtages, such as #squat or #workout. How can i achieve this? thanks.
beach40 2016/12/29 14:41:40 0 0
HelloI have a company Page on LinkedIn.  I would like to automate a process that SHARES these posts to my Personal LinkedIn page.  I cannot find a video for this..  I am confused.Here is what I did so far...1.  I created a LinkedIn account in FollowingLike v1.5.52.  I created a URL task for the company page on LinkedIn that contains posts that I would like to share.  3.  I added an...
fxaviation 2016/12/26 15:33:49 0 0
Is it possible to like a post as a page using followinglike Facebook?
draydel 2016/12/22 17:17:35 1 0
Im not too sure why, Im running a Facebook add bot and it works perfectly until about half way through and it crashes
brandoncook 2016/12/26 22:04:21 0 0
Hello, I was wondering if you have a list of tasks that can be imported like TweetAttacks. I would like to start with those and learn from them so that i can see how they are setup and hopefully just use them if they are valuable tasks.Please let me know.
coentje538 2016/12/25 03:32:08 1 0
Just installed Followinglike, I purchased 1 Instagram copyall i want it to do it follow a certain users followers (copy followers) and unfollow them in a cycle. is that so hard? is that so fucking difficult?instead it keeps crashing on and on and on, theres also 0 clear tutorials on how to do this, all the tutorials are insanely unclear with some cancerous female robot voiceif i dont...
a4agharkar 2016/12/21 09:55:51 0 0
I want Basic Settings to Start a Taskand Also Inbuilt Browser is Old One 
Antony 2016/12/05 14:22:10 0 0
Will the accounts be able to perform the tasks in the Task Manager , when the accounts added in the Accounts Manager could not be logged in on clicking the "Start" button?
digitalshift 2016/12/09 20:39:54 1 0
I'm getting this error message "Install FollowerLike Failed, please try again later." Tried reset internet connect/running VPN/etc. but I can't seem to get the software to download. Is there any other way to get the installation file?
entershop 2016/12/09 09:34:38 0 0
Hi,Im trying to use the Facebook software as Page, I have a few pages and I would like to be able to use it as page. Anyone knows how to do this as, I've been trying but not sure on how to do it?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks, :-)
rodolfobarros 2016/12/10 10:24:45 0 0
I just downloaded acc manager and added my account with proxy and i start it and it says network error. But when i go back to FL and start the same account with the same proxy it works. What is wrong? should i change setttings? Thanks!
marsh5172 2016/05/16 05:24:12 0 0
Hi just downloaded followlike - my antivirus software(kaspersky) says it has the heur.hoax.msil.archsms.gen virusAny thoughts?RegardsColin
mikestar96 2016/11/23 08:51:00 0 0
When will this feature be available? something im really looking fore for the tool?
danstroyer 2016/12/01 11:14:47 0 0
Operating System:Windows 10Operating System Bit:64bitSoftware Version:1.4.9Hello,The search tasks not executing propertly on Instragam. They are showing no results. It's like it's not finding content on Instagram search. Can you please review this issues and fix it if possible in the next update. Thank you....
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