Baxter_4444 2017/10/10 00:46:21 1 0
Hi I'm trying to do the following in one task. like a photo (from specific hashtags) =>comment on that photo=>follow the user.I did try to set a task to do so but it didn't work. I either set the steps wrong or mess the setting in each step. take a lo0k the screenshot....
ashif356 2017/10/10 16:59:49 0 0
pls help me with how to post something on communities in google plusactually the bot stops at category selection step after that it is not able to postpls help with some solution to it..
sleeplocked 2017/10/09 12:19:36 0 0
Pretty simple concept... The people who like photos are the most engaged users on instagram.  Make is so i can follow users who have liked an image i have searched for on a spefic users page.  Should be easy!
networkpronow 2017/10/09 21:00:46 0 0
I cannot add an account. when I enter my email and PW nothing happens!!! it doesn't appear in the account list!!!!second problem after I entered the new serial for INSTAGRAM my FACEBOOK isn'T working anymore!!!
anon8888 2017/10/05 17:21:22 0 0
There is a icon on the panel:...
thevwguy 2017/10/07 11:40:21 0 0
What do I do to run the program? ...
anisgr75 2017/10/04 01:39:14 0 0
Hello,I bought your product recently and want to use it with my business page: https://www.facebook.com/almanara.ca/in the intention to send messages to my page likes or followers.Can you please assist me with that? thanks
JudyManess 2017/10/02 20:08:35 1 0
Improving your Instagram marketing efforts should be working to build your audience. This is a process that will take time and commitment to realize positive results, but by following the right steps you can gain a significant following. Growing your Instagram followers begins with posting quality content. You need to create captivating visual content for your community to interact with. This can be done by joining their conversations and promoting that content with smart hashtags.Used correctly...
lfbraga 2017/09/10 15:45:08 0 0
Is possible to extract phone numbers ?
gido1001 2017/09/28 03:02:55 1 0
1. How can I avoid following private Users ?2. How can I like only pictures with no more  than 10 likes?3. How can I limit maximum number of likes per user to 1 ?4. How can I like posts of followers of other accounts?thank yougido1001(File brain.exe not found)
gido1001 2017/09/29 16:24:13 0 0
I have 10 Instagram Accounts and whant them all to follow diffrent users. (The accounts are running at the same time)
Baxter_4444 2017/09/29 19:46:55 0 0
I want to unfollow the people who i am following and have less followers than following.Can someone let me know how to do so please.
gido1001 2017/09/30 15:51:03 0 0
Is it possible to run 10k Instagram Accounts?
sleeplocked 2017/09/30 13:37:13 0 0
Can i set up the bot to follow users who liked another users(who i specify) pictures?
Baxter_4444 2017/09/28 05:46:19 0 0
how can i find out follower/following ratio of people im following and then unfollow the ones who got less follower than followings? (Instagram)please help as I'm quite new to this.thanks
Hornet25 2016/07/29 07:00:31 0 0
Dear Sirs,Not sure if this is currently possible but I have put it as a suggestion. It would be really helpful if the software could send Direct Messages to anybody that likes a image I post or who comments on a picture I post. My thinking is that I could post an image of a product I am selling and then in the Direct message I could pass on the link to the page on my website.I would be very interested to know if this is possible.Kind regards,...
salmax66 2017/09/13 20:39:46 0 0
No choice can be made, it is empty!because you do not make a number of different examples, on use of this software, which is not so intuitive, for use with facebook.
suez 2017/09/26 03:03:20 0 0
who knows a Software or a Way to create ultimate facebook accounts  without get banned from facebook ?Thank YOU
anon8888 2017/09/25 16:23:23 0 0
Hi As per my experience on other scripts like Followliker or Dominator, accounts might easily got banned if setup improperly. Also I heard some issues about Facebook accounts got banned without any notification too. I have a lot  FB accs incoming and plan to use Followinglike. Those are new accounts with dedicated IPV6 proxies, 1 proxy for 2-3 accounts....
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