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syaksha@gmail.com 2017/06/24 03:28:19 0 0
Hi,How to post or share my own page content on specific groups which i am part of it.
chyl 2017/06/21 11:01:56 0 0
Hello..I don't quite understand how to use the limit and time intervals. I want to know if anyone figured out a setting that maximizes productivity while still staying under the radar of the rules and guidelines.Also, for some reason my follow button just will not work. I followed the tutorial and everything but it just keeps failing
phatjester 2017/06/22 17:03:18 0 0
Hello,I'm loving following like and I'm thinking about to buy an upgrade, but there are some things I can't make work correctly.1. FB join group function: I see in the debug windows that groups are correctly opening, but the "autojoin" don't happen. I'm using the auto add friends and - in that case - in the debug window I see that all works fine.2. Auto accept friends request: like the join group function, I...
Laury 2017/06/23 21:09:35 0 0
Hi, can I use FollowingLike with a Remote Control such as TeamViewer?
iZiVio 2017/06/04 14:03:16 0 0
Can this programextract followers from a pageorextract members from a group...than I can add friends from a page or a group.
winarno 2017/06/19 01:33:24 0 0
Dear sir, I would like to accomplish the following things : 1). follow the follower of a username. Let say the username is JakartaVaporshop. and I want to follow, like and comment the followers of Jakartavaporshop which username contains the word "vape" or "vapor". How do I accomplish this task ?2. Obtain a username's followers whose account names contain "vape" or "vapor" and safe it to a file....
fcgonzalez 2017/06/14 09:59:18 0 0
Hi, I would like to value the technical specifications to work with the software and even as many instances recommend running simultaneously on the same computer. My organization is about to acquire the instagram version.
fxaviation 2017/06/12 04:35:52 0 0
I am searching for pins then repinning them to my board.  The problem I am having is that it keeps repinning duplicate pins, how do I rectify this?
sriyoda 2017/06/19 02:07:28 0 0
Hi, I am trying to setup my autoliker for instagram but I am having some trouble.My task setting modules so far:1. Account2. Text (listed 1 keyword)3. Search Users (inputted account source and search keyword)What do do next?I have tried "likes" module, but am seeing an error" please set an interval time for like operation" (which I have done... and a "post source" setting which I am unable to set.Please help.
winarno 2017/06/19 08:46:03 0 0
I want to be able to follow someelse user account's followers which contain the word "vape" or "vapor". Is this possible  ?Thanks.Winarno
Semir 2017/06/04 21:11:56 0 0
My question is how would i target an accounts followers, search them, then their followers, and then like their photos?
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